Dental Assistant

My name is Nadeea. I grew up in Baghdad the capital and largest city of Iraq. I went to school and my dream was to become a dentist .  Moving from one country to another was a life changing experience that gave me the opportunity to explore opportunities for my family and I.  This brought me to Kitchener Ontario in 2009 which motivated me to complete my Dental Assistant Diploma at Westervelt College in Kitchener. The language barrier was a big concern, but my drive, determination and interest has made me fluent in English. I am eager to implement my theoretical and practical knowledge as a dental assistant. As much as I have a passion for my work on my own time I enjoy hiking, badminton, cooking and playing games with my kids.

I am full of ideas and energy and I am looking forward to meeting people that can help me build a better future for one and all at Westheights Dental Centre.

Emergency! If you are in need of urgent dental care we will try our best to see you immediately.